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What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are installed on your computer or device that you use to access websites or applications. These allow you to change information, facilitate features and data about some users' browsing habits. Note that they did not collect personal data.

Why do we use cookies?

Our website uses cookies so that you can browse our website faster and more efficiently.

We can use two types of cookies:

Permanent Cookies: These are cookies that are stored on your browser or device and are always used when you visit our website again.

Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that are stored in our browser while browsing the website.

On our website there are the following types of cookies:

Advertising Cookies: We use these cookies to make advertising more relevant and targeted to users and more profitable for advertisers.

Analytical cookies are used to analyze and analyze website data.

Third-party cookies: we use third-party cookies or others such as Facebook, Twitter Youtube, Youtube, website authentication and to allow shares, likes and comments on social networks.

Acceptance of cookies:

By continuing to browse our website, you are accepting the use of cookies. Note that you can always change your cookie settings in your browser (browser). However, please note that some website features or services may not be available.

Configuring the modification of cookies and their removal:

You can manage cookies directly on your browser or device. See here the links where you can manage cookies in the main browsers:

Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer 9
Safari para IOS (iPhone, iPad)
Windows Phone

For any questions about privacy or cookies by factor contact us atcetruc@cetruc

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